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  • 2015 Lincoln MKC

    Lincoln MKC
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    • Complete hookup & analysis on Scope or Scanner 1. Confirm problem : Yes 2. Monitors : Incomplete 3. Computer codes : PO420- CATALYST SYSTEM EFFICIENCY BELOW THRESHOLD BANK 1 4. Mode 6 data: OK 5. Visual test : N/A 6. Engine vac. @ idle : N/A 7. Engine vac. @ 2500 : N/A 8. Smoke test : N/A 9. Diagnostics : Checked catalyst converter temp with thermal temp gun. Inlet temp is higher than outlet temp. Also upstream O2 sensor #1 is mirroring O2 sensor #2. Downstream O2 mirrored sensor #1 when propane was added to intake stream. Also checked fuel pressure. Tested back pressure at O2 sensor #1, has about 2 PSI at idle and about 8 PSI at wide open throttle. Recommend to replace Catalytic Converter Bank 1. After repairs cleared codes and test drove vehicle. No stalling and no codes returned. Mode 6 passed. All drive cycle monitors cleared / passed at this time. 10. Confirm fix: YES Tire Pressure F= 35 R= 35 Complementary inspection Air filter – OK Cabin filter – OK Belts – OK Hoses – OK Engine oil – OK Engine coolant – OK Tires – RF_9/32____LF_9/32_____RR_6/32_____LR_6/32_____ Tire Date codes – 2021/2018 Visual Brake inspection – F__7mm________R_8mm________
    • CATALYTIC CONVERTER – Remove & Replace
    • Car Wash – Complementary – THANK YOU ::))
    Michael C. gave our service a 5 star review on 10/25/2022
  • 2016 Lincoln MKX

    Lincoln MKX
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    • 4 Oil Changes with Premium Sysnthetic Blend Oil & Premium Oil filters for the price of three! Lube Chassis 15 Point Inspection Check fluid levels Visual Tire & Brake inspections Motorhomes, Diesel, & select vehicles excluded
    • CABIN AIR FILTER – Remove & Replace – All Applicable Models
    • Changed oil and oil filter. Lube Chassis & Driveline Check sheet: Transmission fluid: ok Radiator water: ok Windshield wiper fluid: ok Wiper Blades ok Battery water: ok Battery Date code__16_________ Brake fluid ok PS fluid: ok Air filter: ok Belts: ok Hoses: ok Shocks & suspension: ok Chassis lubrication: ok Oil leaks: ok Lights: ok Tires: ok Date codes: 2018 Tread depth – LF___7_______RF___7_______LR__7________RR___7_______ Air Pressure F=__35________R=___35_______ Visual Brake inspection F=____9_________ R=___8________ Oil Sticker: Door RESET OIL LIFE MONITOR___OK______
    Bob M. gave our service a 5 star review on 4/10/2020