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2022 RAM 1500


RAM 1500

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Intoxalock Recalibration/Inspection Fee Next Calibration Date -10/20/23
  • Air filter – OK Cabin filter – OK Belts – OK Hoses – OK Engine oil – OK Engine coolant – OK Tire Pressure – Tires – RF_____LF______RR______LR______ Tire Date codes – Visual Brake inspection – F__________R_________
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2013 RAM 2500 HD


RAM 2500 HD

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Pulse/Shimmy:Yes_____NO___X__Front_____Rear_____ Brake Pull: YES____X_____NO______ Brake Pads/Shoes: (MM) RF 10mm LF 10mm RR 6mm LR 6mm Emergency Brake Shoes LR 4mm RR 4mm Disc/Drum Front – Spec: 37.4mm Rear – Spec 32.4mm RF 39.21mm LF 39.19mm RR 34.12mm LR 34.02mm After Machining: N/A RF________LF________RR________LR_________ Surface________________________________ Wheel Bearings: OK_____X_____Not ok_______ Hydrualics – Master Cyl: Ok__X___Not ok______ Front Calipers: OK_________Not OK__X___ Rear Calipers / Wheel Cyls: OK____X_____Not ok______ Brake Lines: OK___X____Not ok________ Wheel Torque 140Ftlbs Tire Pressure – F= 60psi R= 80psi Brake Fluid Condition: OK__X___Not OK____ ppm =_______ Front Suspension: OK__X___Not OK______ Rotor runout, if necessary: N/A Rotor Parrelism, if necessary: N/A NOTES: Caliper replaced and is no longer hanging up. Did notice slight uneven tire wear due to ball joints starting to fail. Will also need upper steering column intermediate shaft to be replaced due to steering wheel play. Will also need another alignment after these repairs. Currently, the vehicle is driving straight, steering wheel was straightened but still has some play.
  • Air filter – OK Cabin filter – OK Belts – OK Hoses – OK Engine oil – OK Engine coolant – OK Tire Pressure – F 60 R 80 Tires – RF 10/32 LF 10/32 RR 10/32 LR 10/32 Tire Date codes – 2021 Visual Brake inspection – F 10mm R 6mm
  • CALIPER – Remove & Replace – Front, One Side – [Includes: Bleed Brake System and replace Pads (if necessary).]
  • * Remove old brake fluid from the master cylinder * Clean reservoir of any debris as best as possible * Install new brake fluid * Bleed each wheel according to the factory specified sequence * Top off fluid to the proper level * Clean each bleeder screw area of fluid * Reinspect for leaks * Inspect brake pedal for the proper travel * Test drive the vehicle
  • Alignment- Reset Steering / Traction Controls Using The Code Link ALDL Interface Connector. Front Suspension: BAD (NEED TO REPLACE UPPER AND LOWER BALL JOINTS ON BOTH SIDES) Front Brakes – visual: GOOD Rear Suspension: GOOD Rear Brakes – visual: GOOD Tire pressures: F 60 R 80 Tire wear= EVEN Tires – Tread depth – LF 10/32 RF 10/32 LR 10/32 RR 10/32 Steering Wheel= STRAIGHT Drives before – OFF TO THE RIGHT After – GOOD Notes: Set toe, when applicable, Caster & Camber adjustments if needed, are a extra charge ***See attached print out***
Dan C. gave our service a 5 star review on 10/28/2022
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2011 RAM Pickup


RAM Pickup

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Complete hookup & analysis on CAS machine 1. Confirm problem : Yes, codes present 2. CAS machine : N/A 3. Computer codes : P0506 Low Speed Idle, P1541 Diesel Particulate Filter, P0303 Cylinder 3 Misfire, P0471 Exhaust pressure sensor, P2BAC NoX Exceeded EGR shut off. 3.5 Mode 6 data: Pass/Fail – Info -NA 4. Visual test : N/A 5. Engine vac. @ idle : N/A 6. Engine vac. @ 2500 : N/A 7. Engine timing @ idle : N/A 8. Engine timing @ 2500 : N/A 9. Smoke test : N/A 10. Diagnostics : Performed diagnosis, found all injectors running in balance. Smooth idle, top speed is 5 mph, vehicle requires regeneration. Attempted parked regen, ECM will not allow. DPF reading in ECM is 92% full. Cleared codes and performed forced regeneration to clear ash from DPF. Regen completed in 1.5 hours. Road tested vehicle, no codes present at this time. Turbo spins free at this time. Cleaned area, Vehicle operates as designed. 11. Confirm fix: YES Tire Pressure F= 65 R= 65 Complementary inspection Air filter – Replaced Cabin filter – NA Belts – Cracking Hoses – OK Engine oil – OK Engine coolant – OK Tires – RF__3/32___LF_3/32_____RR_6/32_____LR__6/32____ Visual Brake inspection – F____7mm______R____3mm_____
  • Regen and road test to validate repairs. Vehicle operates as designed.
  • Removed dirty air filter and replaced with new.
James W. gave our service a 5 star review on 8/28/2019
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