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2010 Nissan Rogue


Nissan Rogue

Service Date
Services Performed
  • We inspected vehicle and found oil leaking from the engine oil cooler. Further inspection and investigation revealed that there is a TSB on this issue with the manufacture. In this TSB they recommend replacing the engine cooler gasket. Engine oil level is ok at this time.
  • We removed the oil cooler from the engine block. Removed all bolts and then removed the upper half of the oil cooler. We removed the gasket and cleaned the gasket area. We installed the new gasket set and re installed with bolts. We test drove vehicle and rechecked for leaks — None at this time.
  • We removed the severely cracked serpentine belt and replaced it with a new one. Started vehicle and no belt squeak or noise at this time
  • Complete hookup and analysis on CAS machine 1. Confirm problem : Yes 2. CAS machine : N/A 3. Computer codes : P0456 3.5 Mode 6 data: Pass/Fail – Info – 4. Visual test : Inspected EVAP system — Ok 5. Engine vac. @ idle : N/A 6. Engine vac. @ 2500 : N/A 7. Engine timing @ idle : N/A 8. Engine timing @ 2500 : N/A 9. Smoke test : Yes — EVAP system passed smoke test. 10. Diagnostics : Smoke tested vehicle — Passed, 0.05psi held for 5 mins. Inspected gas cap, re tightened. Cleared code and test drove vehicle — No further code or light on at this time. 11. Confirm fix: YES Tire Pressure F= 33 R= 33
Kerry F. gave our service a 5 star review on 12/29/2018
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