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  • 2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara

    Suzuki Grand Vitara
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • 1. Pressure check radiator cap: Missing prior to service 2. Pressure check system: Yes at 19PSI 3. Radiator & heat exchange: Radiator was found leaking after pressure test. 4. Heater hoses: OK 5. Hoses: OK 6. Water pump: OK 7. Freeze plugs: OK 8. Antifreeze: LOW 9. Belts: OK 10. Water outlet: OK 11. Thermostat: RECOMMEND DUE TO OVERHEATING 12. Fan: Clutch 13. Block test: FAILED 14. Diagnostics: PRESSURE TESTED COOLING SYSTEM AND FOUND RADIATOR LEAKING. COOLANT RESERVOIR CAP MISSING. BLOCK TEST FAILED. RECOMMEND TO REPLACE ENGINE OR HEAD GASKET SERVICE. 15. Confirm problem: YES 15. Confirm fix: Yes. Replaced Engine with used Engine. 16. After repair pressure check: OK
    • Air filter – OK Cabin filter – NOT OK Belts – OK Hoses – OK Engine oil – OK Engine coolant – LOW Transmission fluid level: OK Transmission fluid condition: OK Tire Pressure – 35 PSI FRONT & REAR Tires – RF_8/32_LF_8/32__RR_8/32__LR_8/32__ Tire Date codes – 4521 Visual Brake inspection – F_7MM____R_DRUM___
    • ENGINE ASSEMBLY (COMPLETE) – Remove & Replace
    • RADIATOR – Remove & Replace – Automatic Trans
    • Changed oil and oil filter. Lube Chassis & Driveline Check sheet: Transmission fluid: OK Radiator water: LOW Windshield wiper fluid: ok Wiper Blades ok Battery water: ok Battery Date code:_Covered__ Brake fluid: OK Hyd. clutch fluid: N/A PS fluid: ok Air filter: ok Cabin Filter: NOT OK Belts: ok Hoses: ok Shocks & suspension: ok Chassis lubrication: ok Oil leaks: ok Lights: ok Tires: ok Date codes: 2021 Air Pressure F=_35_______R=_35______ Visual Brake inspection F=__7MM____ R=__DRUM_____ Oil Sticker: Door RESET OIL LIFE MONITOR:_N/A_____
    Stan S. gave our service a 5 star review on 12/17/2022